Senior talk

My head was going through something’s on what to pick for my senior talk then boom it settled on animal abuse how our daily meals contribute to this. I’m going to be honest here I’ve always had passion about this topic ,I’ve always wanted to ask the question when I see someone eating eggs, chicken or drinking milk do you know what happened to these animals or what’s done to them in order for you to consume them?When I started to become a vegetarian, or call me a pescatarian I immediately wanting to start sharing my knowledge with others and why people should become a vegetarian or a vegan, or even just that little thought on not eating certain animal products, because it is a process. You can’t just become a vegetarian just like that it’s a slow process in order to transition into becoming one. I would like to share two interesting facts. The eggs that come from hens , I believe their is nothing wrong with eating eggs but it’s the way how they do it now, back then it was different we would let the hens lay their eggs natural now hens are dying because hens industrial farms are forced to lay 30 times more eggs they would naturally and they would be so dehydrated. Another interesting fact I learned is that newborn calves are forcibly removed from their mothers within 12 hours so that the milking can begin this is so heart breaking cows calves are being taking away so we can have their milk, their milk is not for us, it’s for their babies, like women when they have a baby their milk is for their babies! Why can it not be like that for cows. What I feel for this to be a good senior to talk is really work on my anxiety that plays a big major role on me I hate it. I want to practice speaking about it so I can feel comfortable with others and to be able to talk about it smoothly not to stutter. By me studying making flash cards for myself and studying it , memorizing it will really help me to have the best senior talk.

My own obrituary

Nala Lewis she loves to travel to different countries and states with her husband Nicholas Lewis they went to over 20 different countries. Nala says Thailand and India was her favorite, because those are her favorite two kind of foods. Nala once said in her old interviews in 2027, “media really portrays the most beautiful countries bad side and the poor side of them, when in reality it’s mouth dropping, so beautiful”. Nala Lewis had a rocky childhood born at 6 moths march 20, 2002 in Brooklyn,NY. Parents split when she was only one year old ever since that parents have been fighting over her when it all stopped when she was 13 years old and decided to live with her mother. Her father was extremely angry with her and did not want anything to do with her until he came back in her life of her sophomore year in high school, and then the summer of her going to be a senior they had verbal fight of her living with her mom still, but that did not bring Nala Lewis down. Nala met her husband Nicholas Lewis when she was 16 and he was 17 she said “she knew and he knew they were soul mates after their first date together, he was God sent” I blushed when Nala Lewis said this she’s an old women and still with her soul mate. Nicholas Lewis asked her to marry him when she was only 19 years old and got married a year later. Nala says getting married was so joyful for her and her husband she said they felt free after that, because of her strict mom and step dad they are Christians and they were a lot of restrictions between her and her husband before they were married. Nala agreed because she is a strong believer of Jesus Christ also. Being married at young age and going to school she worked as a nursing assistant for OBGYN and her husband worked at zoo that she loved to go to. Nala love for animals is remarkable she only wanted to be around them. Nala and her husband lived by her parents in Newburgh until she finished community college at ducthess. They moved to her husband hometown, Maine it was different to her but she loved it. Nala immediately applied to schools there she wanted to further her education and fulfill her dream of being a OBGYN. Nala Lewis then became a prenatal sonography technician, but she had a lot on her hands she also had to enroll in medical school to fulfill her dream of becoming an OBGYN. In her free time she loved to go visit her Mother, brother and family in Florida, that is were her mother had moved. Nala loves to visit her siblings on her dad side, it was really hard for her to visit them, because her father was not on good terms with her and gave her trouble of seeing them but she did not want to neglect her siblings. So she kept on seeing them. Nala did not only want to neglect her siblings her friends also, that she had to leave behind in Newburgh to finish her career in Maine were she always wanted to live. Her favorite part of day was cooking dinner with her husband they loved to experience and cook different things and spices. Nala would tell me she would foster cats and bring them home with her and not tell her husband she would laugh and say his face was priceless but he also began to fall in love with them. They were left with two cats snow and orange and their two long term turtles they had since they were teens, sea and frank. The funny part was the two turtles were females and they still named one of the turtles frank. Nala Lewis and her husband became pregnant with their first child at the age of 23 it was a girl they named her Namiko Zion Lewis. Nala says she and her husband were so happy and had tremulously amount of help with their healthy baby girl. Even though Namiko their daughter added to their plate they still did have a great time of being young parents and still fulfilling their dream. As years went on Nala graduated medical school and finished her residency and became her dream profession OBGYN at the age of 27 she was able to finish so young because she decided to spend her summers taking classes to finish faster, which I believe was such a smart idea. Nala and her husband bought there first house in a very leafy area, a lot of trees and beautiful land. Nala and Namiko her first born made a plant sun room in their own home which I loved so much Nala says she had her second born delivered in the sun room, it was so relaxing she said and felt like she brought a new life into such a beautiful area in her own home. Nala then says ever since the second birth of her second child, she says “you come to realize you do not need to have medicine or the doctors all around you, were forgetting are ancestors did it all alone except for their midwifes but they had no medicines all these equipment we have now, they did not not have it, are ancestors just follow what their bodies told them to do ” and that is exactly what Nala did with her second born and last. Nala’s love and passion for helping mothers, young mothers and new mothers to be is such a role I would want to do in my career , the amount of smiles she puts on different kind of mothers faces is just so astonishing. Now this were all the fame comes in Nala’s husband was so good at his job that’s he becomes famously known and of course Nala Lewis’s becomes famously know as well too because she is his wife, but Nala just does not take it all in she uses this opportunity to let the world know about woman empowerment, loving your self of who you are and talking about being a young Christian leader which I admire the most. I was really interested writing about Nala Lewis and interviewing her about her life and we’re she had come from she is now 97 going on strong with her soul mate Nicholas Lewis they have 7 grandchildren and 17 great grandchildren that they all love and cherish. Nala is such a strong elderly woman she does now even look her age of 97 I asked her what’s the secret she says “stay away from meat as much as you can”. But back to the point I found her life very interesting to write about and fun I learned from her, she is so accepting to others and loving she believes life is a rollercoaster but make that rollercoaster fun, just enjoy it as much as you can because one day it stops.

Where am I

Me as a senior, soon to be graduating my goals remained the same, I did get to my accomplish my goal but it is still the same. My goal was to have my overall average 85 and higher and do really well in nursing class and that’s exactly what I achieved and also ready to pass my CNA exam. My focus had really shifted I do make sure I’m doing really well in my other classes buy my full focus is on nursing right now to make sure I pass the CNA exam the first time. To me the senioritis is really real, us as seniors and it’s are last year we’re really tired and start to slack on things but it’s really important not to fall in that pit. I plan on attending to go to DCC but my appointment is cancelled due to the snow storm delay. DCC will be coming on the 17th of January so that is when I will be done my applications and getting accepted on that day, then I plan on applying to colleges at another state when I’m done my two years at DCC this will save me lots of money. Yes I have visited SUNY orange , DCC, New paltz and mount saint mary. When I’m done passing my CNA exam my focus is to keep on going in that field and achieve that goal that I planned on doing, which is becoming a doctor. Going to these colleges helped me understand the hard work to get through these degrees like your associates , bachelors , masters and your PhD. I’m really excited to go to college and achieve these degrees.

Last meal

I am currently pescatarian now which means I eat no meat and no dairy, and only eat seafood and other foods that do not contain any dairy or meat. When I was not a pescatarian I loved goat so much it was my favorite meat. I will need to eat goat at least two times a week that’s how much I love goat. I would want to eat this lovely meal with my friends and family . I would add plantains and this Haitian black rice the I love to make with my mom. As for drinks I would want everyone one to drink a Starbucks Frappuccino made with extra coconut milk and no whip cream. Remembering this is my last meal so I choose my favorite drink that I would want everyone to drink with me. I choose to eat this meal with my family because, this is the last meal I’m eating with them, just think about the fact how I would not eat other good meal with my family again I will make this meal last until midnight and enjoy every last bit of it. Usually what my family and I would do,we will take a portion amount that are stomachs can handle but since it’s the last meal we would eat mountains of goat and drink endless amount of strawberry frappes. I would eat this meal with my friends because we love Starbucks so our last drink together I choose Starbucks. My friends and I are totally against animal cruelty so that’s why I choose to pick the coconut milk. My friends and I would talk about when we started to become pescatarian and the struggles we have had with our parents, but we will be eating goat while we’re talking about it, and laughing it of. We really would not be that hard on ourselves while eating this goat because it will be that last meal together.

College is not an option

I Nala Lamour if I did not have the option of going to college the word that everyone says In society that will make u succeed, the golden ticket for you to have a better future and more money. The word that displays of people are going to respect you or take you seriously or see potential in you as a human being. So if I Nala Lamour can not go to college the first thing I would do is I would first sit down think of what I’m going to do to get out of my parents house. I’m in high school I go to NfA north right now I’m in the CNA program and will pass the test in order to get my certified nursing certificate with that certificate I will work as a CNA in a nursing home or a hospital. I would make sure that I work enough to get the money I need to get my own place.

Now that I have my own place I would keep on working as a CNA. Being a CNA will not be enough for me especially me as person that loves clothes, la makeup, skin care products and hair products. The Money I will get from just being a CNA will just only pay for the bills and food . So I need to get an extra side job, my side job will be is staring to make my own hair products for women that is dealing with hair loss for all ethnicities and races. I know that any women who deals with hair loss always wants a quick fix and willing to spend a lot of there money on a hair product that will supposedly give them there hair back. Well to start my little business on the side I will use my own knowledge I know about hair and get the oils I know that’s good for hair and hair butters.

Now that I have all my equipment I will mix it all together and put whatever name I would like to call it. Then I will sell my product to women I know that is going through hair loss. That is extra money for me to get the things I want, but I also have to use this money to get the oils and hair butters for the products I’m selling. This is the way how I would live if I do not have the option of going to college I would also have my fingers cross to have my business to get bigger. I would not plan on having a family because I feel like I would not be financially ready to have a family and that would be selfish of me to do that to let a innocent human being struggle the way how I am struggling because I am not financially ready to take care of this human being knowing I have no degrees and little money to only take care of myself. What example I would show?

The Exit Interview

As the time grows near for me to leave home, what is the most important message or belief that you hope I will take with me and remember throughout my entire life

Mom: (she sits down and exhale deeply) “I’m going to be real with you.”

Nala: (my eyebrows risen getting ready to be prepared about what she is going to say)

Mom: “Sometimes in life you may set some goals that you want to happen right at a certain time but u may encounter some obstacles.”

Nala: “how will these obstacles affect you mommy.”

Mom: “These obstacles can delay you from achieving your goal.”

Mom: “Allow yourself to adapt to changes in life.”

Nala: “When u go through these times what will help your mind mentally?”

Mom: “Declutter your home Declutter your mind embrace positivity, let the sun light in do not stress about the past let it be experiences that you learn from.”

Mom: “Also Nala spend your money wisely especially if your going to be out in the real world on your own. Show gratitude of respect”

Nala: “How does showing gratitude of respects help you?”

Mom: “People will respect you, people will not walk over you they will know not to talk to you however they would like to talk to you in a disrespectful manner”.

Mom: “Have u ever heard of this saying.”

Nala: “No what is it.”

Mom: “You make Lemonade out of your lemons.”

The advice that my mom have told me was very good. I feel like her advice will help me out in the real world with working with people and starting to be on my own in the real world. When she said “spend my money wisely” I will really make that advice play over and over in my head, because when I am out in the real world I will have to start paying my own bills , paying for my phone bill and also buying the stuff I love so things will be a lot different. That’s why I take her advice seriously when she says “spend your money wisely “. I thanked my mom when we were done the interview because I really want to survive in the real world and do a lot of things successfully. A lot of meaning like doing well in college while having job and getting my self an apartment.

The beginning of the end

It was when I turned 15 years old so excited for the new school year to begin. All I thought about is new teachers, Lockers, cool seniors me being a freshman in high school and thinking things were going to be a lot easier because now I was going to be in a public school. I’ve been going to private schools all my life so I thought this was going to be a very good new change for me. That morning I woke up super early because I cannot stop thinking about my new year in a public school this was going to be a very good start for me. I made sure my outfit was planned because no more uniforms for me that was so new to me to be going to this new school with whatever shoe I would like to wear and with whatever color my pants were or shirt.

My first day of freshman year was OK it did not seem of what I expected at NFA north. Throughout my first three weeks in school I saw my first fight of two students I said no way I cannot believe my eyes at first I thought these two students Were playing because I said to myself there’s no way that they are fighting but when I saw the look of their faces and the security guard coming towards them I knew it was not play fighting. That day when I came home I ran to the phone and told my old friends from my old private school of what I saw. My friends laughed and said they wished they saw but deep down inside I wish I just went to that private school that I was supposed to be going to like all my other friends.The next day when I went back to NFA North I saw students being very disrespectful to their teachers that was such a shock for me I never knew that you can talk back to your teacher. In private school there was no such thing.

As the years went by In NFA north Yes I have had second thoughts of going back to another private school I have not made some good friends during my first year in NFA North I had a wake up call my wake up call was when I found out that I had to go to summer school for algebra 1. I have never been to summer school before and never had failed a class in my life being in school. It was a huge wake up call for me. So I got my act together and started doing very good throughout the years I have been in NFA north and also changing my friends for the better. So now I am here a senior in NFA north counting down the days of getting my diploma. I learned that it is very important to make good friends and also to be on top of yourself because no one is going to do that for you. The decisions that I have made in high school has really made me smarter and better in my decisions. I use to choose friends over my homework But because of my wake up call I have never done that again and will never do that again.

My year

My junior year was very stressful. Junior requires to get sufficient amount of sleep, being organized and staying on top of your work is very important. For future 11th graders my advice to them is to be very focus from the beginning of the year. When you are focused from the beginning of the year you will do better on your finals and that’s for any grade. When u miss some of the work and units, you will start to play catch up when it’s time for the final. Also my advice I would like to give is being very organized being very organized makes it easier for study habits. In life there is no times for mistakes because they will have an effect on you and your education. Any little thing that you do like skipping class starting a fight and bullying others this goes all on your transcript if you get in trouble. This is something new that I learned so it’s very important to act a certain way in school. I also learned that junior year is very important because it’s your last grades for your gpa, the last grades that your college sees this is very important because your college wants to see improvement. Especially if I want to get accepted to the college I would like to go to. I have to meet their criteria. What I also learned about life is life is not smooth it’s very bumpy and you are your own advocate. Life is going to be hard and stressful but eventually you will get over it and keep pushing. You will cry, laugh, yell and meditate. The quote I choose is “life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”Life is what you make out of it meaning you choose on how you go about your life and how you see it. If you choose to see your life as horrible that is your outcome and how it’s going to be for you. If you think life is going great but still have your times of break downs, your life will seem wonderful to you. Just live your life the way how you want it!

My colleges

The 3 colleges that I have chosen is beneficial for me because the career I want to be in and how my life is this is why I choose these 3 colleges. Ductchess community college, Oak community college, SUNY New Paltz. These colleges would be financially and situationally the best options for me. Going to these colleges would be the smart decision given I would receive instate tuition so the cost would be much cheaper than going out of state. These colleges are also near my home so it is convenient for my family and I to stay close together when I decide to visit them on vacations or just a given weekend.

The reason I had chosen Dutchess is because they provide academic help in any subject you may need to receive that help in, because I know myself and knowing that they will be providing that extra academic support and free tutoring that will make a huge impact in my successes in my college career. Dutchess will also provide me with good preparation for my following four years at the college I decide after I complete the the two years at Dutchess.

Oak community college is also a place I am looking at given they provide very good medical program. I am currently taking a nursing class in my current high school, NFA North, which is a topic I am enjoying and looking to potentially continue outside of high school and follow into a possible career path. Oak is also a very convenient school given how close it is located to my home.

New Paltz is a wonderful school, but comes with a bit of a challenge as it is a difficult school to get into compared to the others on this list. New Paltz also provides good challenges for you academically and socially in many ways. New Paltz is also where my mom had attended college so that gives me a drive deep inside to wanna follow in her footsteps and represent her in a good positive way as well.

Overall these three colleges would be the best fit for me academically, socially, and environmentally. I am looking very forward to continuing my academic path in one of these three listed colleges. After doing my research, and visiting these and many others, I have narrowed my choices to these three as I believe I will fit in the best here.

Where am I

Where am I as a person that is a hard one to think about. I am more emotionally stronger I just did not just do it by my self but I got help from many loved ones and going through lessons which is a hard one, I feel like it’s the hardest thing is to go through ruff lessons in order to get a good understanding of life. I wish that I did not have to go through these life lessons in order to become emotionally stronger. It so important to become stronger emotionally because this world has so much chaos and misery you would be a coward and commit sucide if u can not handle certain situations in this world you will automatically give up. I’m saying this because I’ve been through it and it is tuff it’s really not a good feeling at all physically and mentally. That’s why it’s very important to be emotionally strong and that’s why I’m happy that I learned that and I’m still in the process. I’ve grown spiritually also with Jesus this is very important to me because I am a very religious person. I have a stronger relationship with him I believe that if you do not have a foundation with Jesus christ life is not going to go well and as smoothly you would wanted to be. Like if it’s not smooth , there is a couple bumps on the way but it’s important to connect with Jesus because it will keep u calm, humble and know that someone has your back. I felt like I have changed this year and there is always room for improvement when I first started junior year I was rushing into doing things and not taking things one day at a time, or actually sitting down listening to someone about directions and not that I have been doing this, it’s been going better. I learned to take things one day at a time.